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2019 iOS Homescreens

Zach Parcell - iOS Homescreen

A few years ago I came across a post by M.G. Siegler in early January. He had screenshots of his iPhone and described what apps he was using at that time. One year later, he did the same thing and highlighted what was removed or what added and why.

I liked getting a view into his workflow and his mind of how he has things setup.

To start out 2019, I wanted to do the same. Check out my iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch setups to start 2019.


I’ve been using the iPhone 7 since it came out and I’ve been extremely happy with it. I don’t miss the headphone jack. I’ve had no issues with it since I’ve owned it.

I recently had the battery replaced after over 1,000 cycles on it. It’s been working as intended ever since.

For a while now, I’ve stuck to this layout of three rows of apps at the top with three apps in the dock. I’ve wanted to have my homescreen be what I reach for on a regular basis. The second page typically has some more utilities like Settings and the App Store, but I don’t need quick access to those.

Apple Watch

I mainly use the Infograph Modular face with complications in every section. For the complications, I’ll go top to bottom and then left to right:

iPad Pro

I currently use the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch. It is often paired with the Smart Keyboard Folio from Apple and the Apple Pencil 2. More on those at a later date. This is my main computer. I also have a Mac Mini for work at home, but this is my daily driver for my personal use.

We’ll see how these both evolve in the next year. I’m intending on keeping the same layout so things would be a one-to-one swap.

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